Howdy IL Texas staff, family, and friends,

My name is Keith Lane and I’m the Executive Director for Rollo Insurance Group here in Bryan/College Station.

Like you, my family and I are ecstatic for the arrival of IL Texas in Aggieland.   As parents, we are all grateful to have a public educational resource available that is rooted in achievement, discipline, and servant leadership.  Alignment between what we believe and what we do with our lives is critical to making a lasting impact. The opportunity to support IL Texas – College Station was a natural choice for my team at Rollo.  Our entire agency is rooted in the same philosophy that each of us as parents, as well as IL Texas seeks to affirm in our children – “Others before self.”

Here’s the world as we see it:  People are more inundated than ever before with national TV and radio commercials that attempt to homogenize your individualized needs with a one-size fits all approach to all variety of insurance (home, business, auto, life, etc…).  To do insurance objectively (the right way), there is a LOT more to it than meets the eye.

Here’s the world as we strive to change it:  Insurance was created as a people-centric business. When it comes to the life you are working to build for your family, insurance is a necessity that virtually all of us have to secure.  The truth is that your individual and/or business insurance needs are as unique as the qualities that make your family special. When your ready to permanently tune out the commoditized noise all around you and secure an objective, trusted, and compassionate advocate you can reliably count on, you are ready to make the stress relieving switch to Rollo.  (Check out the quick videos on this page to learn more)

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