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“In God we trust.” The official motto of the United States is the backbone of Rollo Insurance’s way of life. The servant leaders within churches who tend their congregations are like are like shepherds tending to their flock.  At Rollo Insurance, we strive to serve the shepherds whose work is rooted in service to others.

Our knowledgeable church insurance team provides specialized underwriting, insurance products and risk transfer solutions that complement and enhance our commercial insurance offerings. We provide targeted products and services that support our congregational policyholders in meeting their wide-ranging goals and objectives.

Director of Mainstreet: Jane Rohde

Mainstreet Assistant Manager:

Emily Reynolds

Common Considerations

  • Newly acquired or constructed property

  • Personal effects and property of others on-premises

  • Property off-premises, including in-transit

  • Ordinance and law changes

  • Outdoor signage

  • Sewer, drain, or sump pump backup and/or overflow

  • Accounts receivable coverage

  • Crime coverage

  • Computer fraud coverage

  • Key person replacement expenses

  • All-variety of liability coverage with raised limits of aggregate limits

  • Non-owned and hired auto

  • Employment practices

  • Counselors liability

  • Directors & Officers coverage

Your ministry is everything to you.  Protecting it is everything to us.

Finding the right carrier, offering the right church-related coverages, and being personally available to help mitigate real-world challenges in a Christ-like manner is what we’re all about.  The policies we get issued are continually evolving to help protect you from dynamic concerns like cyber attacks and challenges against religious expression. In addition to common coverage selections, we also offer:

  1. Business auto

  2. Religious expression coverage

  3. Umbrella coverage

  4. Workers compensation

  5. Group life & benefits

  6. Key employee life

  7. Active shooter support

  8. And much more…

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