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Welcome to the front door to a world of unprecedented professional opportunity.  Rollo Insurance Group is a special place. We are a rapidly growing small to mid-sized Texas-based business that is eagerly in the market for honest, reliable, achievement-oriented professionals.

Our agency story:

Jason Rollo is a second generation insurance professional and our agency’s CEO.  Jason started the business (~circa 2000) with a pencil, a scrap sheet of paper, and a vision for doing things different.  Jason had worked for a “captive” insurance company (“captive” = only able to offer one insurance company solution) for a few years before prior to discerning that the one-company model for insurance doesn’t optimally benefit consumers.


Having gratefully gained priceless experience and a newfound inspiration for creating a better way, Jason and his wife BJ began blazing a trail with the creation of a family-values based independent insurance agency.  Nearly twenty years later, they have never looked back.

Today, Rollo Insurance is a rapidly growing family-based company with dozens of staff, dozens of agents, 15-20 local offices, and a fanatical desire to be educators in an industry that has otherwise lost touch with people it was created to serve.

Here’s the world as we see it:  Monolithic corporations are attempting to commoditize a people-centric business.  Americans are more inundated than ever before with entertaining TV and radio commercials that attempt to homogenize your individualized needs with a one-size fits all approach to all variety of insurance requirements (home, business, auto, life, etc…).  

Want proof?  More than $5B was spent solely on marketing just last year alone. If a consumer does not want to be treated like a commodity, they shouldn’t be directed to purchase like a commodity.  To do insurance the right way, Rollo Insurance was founded on the premise that astute consumers in a complex market are aware and understandably desirous of a consultative, local, trusting relationship.