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Rollo Insurance’s Agri-Business Promise



Our knowledgeable Agribusiness team provides specialized underwriting, insurance products and risk transfer solutions that complement and enhance our commercial insurance offerings. We provide targeted products and services that support our policyholders in meeting their business goals.


Agribusiness Specialists:  James Scotten, Amber Howell, Morgan Moudy, Diego Garcia, Justin Gaidusek, Bill Billock, Shelby Morton


Target Markets


• Cattle Farms

• Confinement operations

• Crop harvesting

• Dairies

• Farm supplies

• Feed mills & dealers

• Grain/seed operations

• Orchards

• Ornamental Nurseries

• Peanut storage & processing

• Row crops

• Seed dealers

• Sod farms

• Vegetable/fruit growers & packers

• Wholesale nurseries




• Property

   - Dwellings

   - Personal property

   - Outbuildings

   - Equipment breakdown

• Liability

    - Personal liability

    - Commercial general


• Auto

• Workers’ compensation

• Umbrella

• Coverage enhancements


Commercial Agribusiness


• Property

   - ISO

   - COP (AAIS)

• General liability

• Inland marine

• Workers’ compensation

• Umbrella

• Coverage enhancements       

• Auto

Growing your Agricultural business?  Agribusiness professionals provide a service that is critical to the sustainability of our nation.  Rollo Insurance’s Agribusiness team is here to consultatively partner with Ag professionals seeking lasting relationships that ensure that major risks are reliably and meaningfully resolved.  If you are responsible for an Agricultural operation that is growing or contemplating ways to innovate, here are some sample data-points to consider:


Proactively manage outside risks

Be sure to obtain signed contracts and certificates of insurance for any expansion operations that involve other businesses coming onto your farm or ranch or for businesses you hire to do work for you and your operation.


Increased employee headcount

Managing employees is one of the most complex parts of running a business.  If the expanded operations will require hiring additional employees, you may need to provide training and safety materials. If the additional employees increase your operation to over 50, you will need to comply with OSHA standards. Be sure you’ve obtained adequate insurance to protect both your employees and your operation.


More/increased traffic

Inviting the public onto your property brings with it special liability concerns. You will need to post signs to warn visitors of any potential dangers. Are your premises ADA compliant? Will you provide restroom or hand-washing facilities?


Product safety

You may need to initiate proper controls and safe handling programs for any product you are processing or selling to prevent property damage or bodily injury to others.



Consider if you need to take additional steps to protect your property or operation from burglary, theft or other crimes.


Contingency planning

If your operation suffers a setback, have a plan in place with steps to follow that allow you to continue your operations. Having a formalized contingency plan can help you get your operation back up quickly and efficiently.


Review your insurance

Depending on the type of operations you’re considering, your farm insurance policy may no longer be adequate; you may need a general liability policy. Invite your insurance agent out to review your operations and talk through your expansion plans. Your agent will consultatively address any new coverage needs or gaps and provide guidance. Reviewing your insurance is a critical step to help ensure you’re protecting your assets as you expand your business.


Environmental impact

Be mindful of the effects and/or any impact your expansion could have on the environment. Check with your local Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Department of Transportation (DOT) and county engineers on how you can protect the environment as you grow your operation.

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